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Discover the many benefits of Graphology handwriting analysis.

Learn about yourself, your children, and your employees – Their handwriting can uncover important information!
Use insights that can help you succeed!
All that and more are only minutes away!

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Sheila Lowe’s Professional analysis is used by:

Employers – View applicants in a whole new way. A great management tool, helpful for hiring new employees, considering candidates for promotion, counseling employees that experience problems on the job.
Psychologists - Identify clients' issues before the first meeting
Educators - Help problem students improve behavior
Individuals - Understand your intimate partner's needs and motivation
Handwriting Analysts - Join hundreds of professional using our software.No need to spend hour writing reports, we do it for you !Save your time to promote your business.

The Results….

After costumer friendly and easy to understand online analysis, you will receive a complete report that derives from the principles of Graphology handwriting analysis. There are two parts to the report:

A. Quantitative Analysis – Graph, which scores the candidate on a series of personality characteristics.
B. Qualitative Analysis - Narrative report, which synthesizes the findings.

For International And Domestic Clients

Out-of-country or just out of time? Graphology Handwriting analysis samples with signatures can be transmitted via fax, (Contact by email to get secure FAX number ) ... or scanned as an art file (... jpg ... gif ... bmp ... wmf) and transmitted for analysis via email attachments
to: handwriting@MALLPRODUCTS.NET. A written report will be emailed back.

When scanning documents, keep resolution on the scanner high, at approximately 300 dpi, to generate sufficient detail.

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A broad spectrum of clients in fields extending from staffing services to real estate, financial services, psychologists, private investigation, medical, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, and others.




















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