Mini RC Helicopter

Electric remote control mini-helicopter

MicroXcopter Helicopter is the latest innovation in RC helicopters! Unlike the huge gas-guzzling choppers of yesteryear, the micro motors are powered by a lightweight lithium polymer battery, giving flight times of up to 10 minutes from a half hour charge. When it comes to maneuverability, this chopper is pretty nifty, and that's thanks to an ingenious auto-stability system which makes flying the Picco a piece of cake.

Electric remote control mini-helicopter is composed of two major mechanical structures (the airframe, drive motor, linkage, main rotary wing, etc.) The helicopter ascend, hover, yaw to the left and right, go forward. The Mini RC radio control helicopter is pre-assembled and 100% ready to fly. Simply charge the battery for 30~45min to start flying.


Mini RC Helicopter Features:
Mini Helicopter RCMiniature size & weight.
Plastic body withstands crashes.
Auto stable & precision speed.
Tri-band technology.
eInfrared Control.
Recharging via the included transmitter.
A Spare Tail Propeller.
Suitable for indoor flying only.
A charge of 30 minutes is a 5-10 minute flight time.
Requires 6 x AA Batteries for the transmitter (not included).
Colors may vary.
Band selection.
Recharge Indicator.

Age: 8 and up.

Our price: $29.99 + shipping & Return
Shipped within 2 business days of ordering.

Mini Heli


Mini Helicopter




    You will be amazed the first time you see the Micro X copter Helicopter take off from your hand. It's like a tiny robotic hummingbird transported from a future society where all remote controlled toys are micro-sized and super cool.

This is cool. Flying this mini RC heli takes some of those video game skills you've been perfecting. Once you get the feeling you won't be able to stop zooming it around your home or office. Unlike a traditional R/C helicopter, the Palmsize Havoc Helicopter is always moving forward. You control the hover height and right or left turns. By adding tiny weights to the nose of the copter before takeoff (weights are not included) you can adjust how quickly the copter moves forward.

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